DIY Wedding Guest Print


When we were deciding what to do for the guest book for our wedding, we knew we didn’t want a traditional book. I really wanted something close to art that I could hang on our wall and look at every day and remember all the loved ones that were with us. However, perusing the internet didn’t find me anything I liked, and so I decided to design my own.

First, I found a frame I liked. I found the gold frame at T.J.Maxx which was a one-off, but this frame from Target is very similar. From there, I simply sized a slide in PowerPoint to the dimensions of the frame (14”x16”) and added our wedding logo at the top, and the date of our wedding at the bottom. Make sure to offset both elements enough from the edge such that when the print is in the frame they still show and have sufficient space from the frame border.  Also make sure your logo is sufficient resolution to print without pixelation. I exported the PowerPoint presentation as a PDF and took it to my local Fedex where I had it printed on thick poster paper (it’s the next step up from regular printer paper). A word to the wise – to print on this thicker paper, I had to go to a Fedex that had a color poster printer, even though my print was not in color.

On the day of, I had the print fitted into the frame, followed by the glass, then the frame backing. The glass behind the paper ensured that the guests signing the print wouldn’t poke through it accidentally.

I’m so tickled with how it turned out and love seeing it on my wall. I hope that this gives you some inspiration for creative guest prints!

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