How to Elevate your Occasion Wear


With the spring and summer months come weddings, cocktail parties, and other happy events for which you want to pull out fancier dresses and high heels. In the past though, I hadn’t really been too adventurous with my occasion wear – I had a few dresses that I would rotate (most of them some sort of black lace) and that would be that. However, for the first wedding of this season, I was really inspired to choose a dress that encompassed the design details I’ve been loving in my every day clothing recently – pastel colors, lace, and ruffles. This dress from ASOS was unlike everything else I had been seeing, and I immediately gravitated towards it for its feminine details and fitted shape. Once I tried it on, I started thinking about how even just the dress elevated my occasion wear game significantly, but there were a few additional tips I wanted to share to help you put together the perfectly styled, event-ready outfit!

exact dress (lacking in sizes), dresses with exact pinafore style here in bright red/coral (mini length, midi length) and blue – both great colors for warm-weather events, dresses with similar lace details and color here, here (another great Self-Portrait dupe), and here / circle bag here in other colors / sunglasses / exact heels here, similar here

  1. Don’t be afraid to tailor your outfit – with occasion wear, there will likely be photos taken, and the last thing you want to be worried with is whether your bra straps are showing, or if the zipper is going to pop. I find that I’m forever hiking up a strapless bra if I’m wearing one, so I always sew cups into dresses where I can’t wear a normal bra. You can buy push-up cups or regular cups (and sticky bras would work too). Also, the waist was SUPER tight on this dress, and so I undid and resewed the zipper at that section to be more comfortable.
  2. More is more, in moderation – As my style has evolved, I’ve come to appreciate the effect that thoughtfully layering textures and details has on the richness of an outfit. This dress does it already with the different lace fabrics and colors. My first thought was to pair it with a simple nude bag, but then I tried it with my cream colored circle bag (a great dupe for the Chloe pixie) and absolutely loved the layered effect.
  3. Nude heels are the perfect finishing touch – I’ve worn these taupe faux-suede heels so many times since I got them last summer, but this was the first formal event I wore them to, and again, fell in love. They are pretty comfortable (I walked all around Charleston in them last year), and the delicate color and strap silhouette of the shoes made my legs look elegant instead of stumpy, which can be tricky with this midi length.

Sadly, this particular dress is lacking in size availability, but I have seen it pop back into stock in random sizes occasionally. I’ve also linked several other dresses that have similar design details. I wore this outfit this past weekend to our cousin’s wedding and felt so elegant! What are your favorite outfits to wear to special occasions? Are there any particular styles that you recommend?

Thanks so much for reading! x

Photos by the amazing Eliza Niforatos

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