The Best Winter Outerwear


Having spent my formative years in Georgia and Tennessee, I haven’t have had to deal with cold winters much. A wool-blend pea coat and earmuffs was about all I needed to keep warm. When we moved to Washington DC in January, I blissfully thought that it would be the same too. Oh how wrong I was. It was so cold (like high of 20s), for so long (until April at least), and it just did not occur to me to get a warmer coat. I would hate going out for dinner or errands because I didn’t want to deal with the cold. This year I took matters into my own hands. I call this blog post “get a coat that covers your bum and your thighs so you feel empowered to go out into 30 degree weather.” While you’re at it, get boots that have thermal insulation and socks that actually make your feet toasty instead of clammy. Click through to read about all the winter things I’ve purchased and how they’ve empowered me to take on the cold Mid-Atlantic winters!

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Drybar Full-Size Faves Set Review


You know when you’re on day 2 or 3 hair and it still looks ok, but doesn’t carry that fresh scent of shampoo anymore? Yah, I definitely do, and have been noticing it more because the weather is so dry and I have been stretching my hair washes out more and more. I’ve been thinking about getting hair mists that are designed to scent your hair, but then I tried the Drybar Triple Sec spray. It smells SO GOOD – a warm, vanilla, very feminine scent. What struck me was how long the fragrance lasted! I tried it out at my friend’s place in the evening, and my hair was still strongly carrying that delicious scent by the time I went to bed, and it was even still lingering the next morning! I immediately beelined over to the Nordstrom app to see if that spray came in a set, because I’m that girl who once she finds a product she likes, has to go try other products from that line. We love a good deal around here, so I was really excited to find this Drybar Full Size Faves set. It comes with the Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizing Spray, the Detox Dry Shampoo, and the Prep Rally Prep & Prime Detangler – all in full sizes, so basically you’re getting one of the products for free. You can find this set from both Sephora and Nordstrom but I was like, well Nordstrom has literally the best shipping and returns policy on earth so yas, this set went in my cart. Keep reading for my full review of these products…

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