Drybar Full-Size Faves Set Review


You know when you’re on day 2 or 3 hair and it still looks ok, but doesn’t carry that fresh scent of shampoo anymore? Yah, I definitely do, and have been noticing it more because the weather is so dry and I have been stretching my hair washes out more and more. I’ve been thinking about getting hair mists that are designed to scent your hair, but then I tried the Drybar Triple Sec spray. It smells SO GOOD – a warm, vanilla, very feminine scent. What struck me was how long the fragrance lasted! I tried it out at my friend’s place in the evening, and my hair was still strongly carrying that delicious scent by the time I went to bed, and it was even still lingering the next morning! I immediately beelined over to the Nordstrom app to see if that spray came in a set, because I’m that girl who once she finds a product she likes, has to go try other products from that line. We love a good deal around here, so I was really excited to find this Drybar Full Size Faves set. It comes with the Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizing Spray, the Detox Dry Shampoo, and the Prep Rally Prep & Prime Detangler – all in full sizes, so basically you’re getting one of the products for free. You can find this set from both Sephora and Nordstrom but I was like, well Nordstrom has literally the best shipping and returns policy on earth so yas, this set went in my cart. Keep reading for my full review of these products…

I usually use the Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder dry shampoo which is a white powder, and I’m on my second bottle in the bigger size. I was really into this stuff because it lasts so long and it’s very good for travel because it’s not an aerosol. However, I rarely use the Pret a Powder on my back of my head because I can’t be sure that I’ve properly brushed out the powder! Don’t want to be going out with sprinkles of white powder on my head. But as a result, the hair on the back of my head is more oily than the front so I’ve been wanting to get an aerosol dry shampoo to solve that problem. Y’all – I don’t know if I’ve never tried a good dry shampoo before, but this Drybar Detox Dry shampoo is amazing. All of the other dry shampoos I’ve tried (Batiste, Not Your mother’s, and the Pret a Powder) would mask the appearance of oil but my hair would feel kind of heavy and I could tell it was dirty, like the hair on my scalp becomes all one piece. The Detox dry shampoo actually makes my hair feel clean. I used it on day 2 straight hair, which was looking pretty oily, and my hair looks like it was just washed, and more importantly – feels clean. It’s not itchy, it’s not stringy, it feels clean and smells amazing. The original scent on the Detox dry shampoo is delightful – perfume-y in the most luxurious way (the official description is notes of jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla). I just love how these products do double duty as their intended function and as a hair perfume!

The Prep Rally Prep and Prime Detangler is also another product that I was excited to try. I was looking for something to replace role that the It’s a 10 leave in treatments have been playing in my hair care routine. I’ve tried the Keratin, Magic Potion, and Light versions (and I do like them) but at this point, I was ready for a new brand. Prep Rally comes in a pretty big bottle (5oz) so I was pleased to see that. The spray is a very fine mist which coats your hair evenly and combs through easily. It definitely detangles, and is a heat protectant too! The scent is herbal – a little musk, a little tea tree oil – it’s hard to put a pin on it but I like the smell and in any case, it didn’t linger in my hair.

Finally let’s talk about the Triple Sec Texturizing Spray – it is what started it all! I really like this stuff, I think it does double duty as a great texturizer/volume booster and as a hair perfume. What inspired me to get this set to begin with was the scent of this product. As I said before, it’s a warm vanilla scent, but it’s not overly sweet or cloying. I love it, and I don’t like sweet scents usually. I’ve been using it on my roots to give some volume as I’m sweeping my hair over for a side part, and this has worked way better than the Moroccanoil spray I was previously using. More importantly, the volume lasts all day. I could just kind of “zhush” up my hair and it’ll look like it did when I first styled it, which has never been the case. I will say that Triple Sec does not give substantial grit and grip to your hair. For that I still really like the AG hair Dry Lift. But for root volume and making your hair smell heavenly, this is the best product hands down that I’ve used.

I’m so excited that I finally am using Drybar products, and even more pleased that they lived up to the hype. I know we’ve all spent money on high end products before and honestly, a lot of them are disappointing, or comparable to less pricey drugstore products. With the vast array of products out there, I think it’s important to share what we think is worth the money, vs what’s not. Drybar definitely is! This Full-Size Faves Set would make such a good gift for any beauty lover in your life and if you love the scent of Triple Sec like I do, you can get it in a candle too!

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