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I’m so excited to share the collaboration I’ve been working on with HelloAva today! If you love skincare, you will love this service that I have had the pleasure of using recently. HelloAva is a skincare consultant service, and they curate a collection of products for you based on your skin type and skincare needs. What’s unique about HelloAva is the wide range of products that they have available, and how they connect you with a personal skincare consultant that you can text back and forth with. Usually I am pretty skeptical about curation services because I do a lot of research on my products and like to think I’m pretty well versed on what my skin needs. However, I had heard good things about HelloAva and I was really impressed by product selection I had seen so I was really excited to try it out! I’m happy to say that the experience with exceeded my expectations and after getting my box and trying out my selections, I am sold on the value of HelloAva and can’t wait to share more details about the whole process!

To start off the curation, you take an interactive skincare quiz online. This seemed fairly straightforward to me – they asked questions on skin type (dry, oily, wrinkle-prone, etc) and I did like how they asked more specific questions like “how does your skin feel a few hours after applying moisturizer.” They also ask about your price point and which steps of your skincare (cleansing, toning, treating, moisturizing, etc) you would like to focus on. However, no matter what steps you select, they end up giving you recommendations for every step of your skincare. After you complete the quiz, you pay a $10 curation fee upfront, which connects you to a skincare consultant who is a real person that you can chat back and forth with via text message. However, this $10 doesn’t just disappear into thin air – it actually is applied towards the purchase of any products that are recommended to you!

I found the text conversation with my skincare consultant, Kathleen, to be the most helpful part of the curation experience. She asked me what my current routine was (it was a lot of products) and what my specific skincare concerns were. I told her that my skin around my eye area, cheeks, and forehead would frequently feel tight and dry, and that I get hyperpigmentation scarring after having breakouts. She also noticed from my routine that I was using several Korean beauty products and asked if I liked those mostly. I said while I do like K-beauty, I was currently really interested in brands such as Indie Lee, Herbivore, etc. I really liked how I was able to tell her which brands I was interested in and when I got my recommendations, I saw that she had taken that into consideration because there were several products from Indie Lee and Herbivore, as well as First Aid beauty and LUA. She said that a facial oil would be great for my dry skin (she recommended the Herbivore Lapis oil, but I also wanted to try out the Indie Lee Squalane oil and so she was able to add that to my collection), and also recommended an Herbivore brightening mask for dark spots.

Like I mentioned before, you get recommended several product choices per category of skincare. I really liked how much say I had in putting my skincare box together, and ended up choosing 4 products: 1) Herbivore Lapis Balancing Facial Oil 2) Indie Lee Squalane Oil 3) First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum and 4)  Herbivore Brighten Mask. Everything came packaged beautifully, and shipping was super fast. I’ve had the chance to use all of them by now, and I particularly love the Indie Lee Squalane Oil and the First Aid Beauty Serum, because I use them every day. The Herbivore Lapis oil is also based in squalane oil, but has other ingredients in it like other oils and blue tansy. It reminds me a lot of the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping oil in terms of texture and scent (but the Herbivore one doesn’t have retinol in it). I don’t find myself reaching for it as much because honestly I’m not a huge fan of the scent of it. I will save it for travel because it’s way smaller in size than the Indie Lee one. The Herbivore mask I’ve only used a few times and I do think it brightens! It tingles when you first apply it and then tightens.

I am so pleased with my experience with HelloAva experience, and the best part is – they kindly provided me a discount code for you to use! If you enter Cheryl30 at checkout, you will get 30% off your first order from HelloAva. I think this is such a great deal because you very rarely get 30% off prestige brands of skincare like the ones I mentioned, so this an amazing way to try out some new skincare brands and products that you maybe wouldn’t otherwise at full price! Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you so much for reading! x

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