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For the past 6 months or so, I have been really into cleaning up my beauty routine. However, I’ve noticed that while a lot of brands claim to be “clean,” there is a lack of standardization on what constitutes clean. To find products that are truly clean, I’ve turned to Follain as the gold standard. Follain is a store that curates the best in clean, non-toxic skincare and beauty. They have a list of 30+ ingredients that they will not allow in any product, and as new research comes out, they will reevaluate all of their products and take things off the shelf that they feel no longer meet their standards. Follain carries some of my favorite clean brands, such as Indie Lee and Ilia Beauty. I’ve been thrilled with everything I have from Follain, and I can honestly say that my skin has never been better. For me, clean beauty is my new touchstone, and I’m so excited to share some new-to-me products as well as some well-loved favorites that are all available at Follain! Also, you can use my code ALOVELYMOMENT10 at checkout for 10% off your order!

The most recent additions to my beauty collection from Follain have been the RMS Beauty Oil, Pangea Organics Facial Cream, and Ilia Sheer Tinted Moisturizer. These were kindly gifted to me from Follain, and I chose them after visiting my local Follain store and looking at alllll the products. I had so much fun trying out different things but these three products really made an impression on me. 

RMS Beauty Oil – oh my goodness! I thought I would never find anything I love as much as the Indie Lee Squalane oil but this RMS definitely has a place of honor next to it. It smells so luxurious and feels so good on the skin. I love the attention to detail on this product right down to the slanted glass dropper (not sure of exact function, maybe to avoid product dripping?). It’s funny, I loved it in Follain, and then I stopped by Anthropologie afterwards and they had it and I tested it a second time, and I knew all over again this had to be one of my picks! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks every day now, morning and night, and it has worked so nicely with my skin and other products. Plus this has acne-clearing properties, and I haven’t seen a breakout since starting to use this oil. 

Pangea Organics Facial Cream with Nigerian Ginger, Lavender and Thyme – I’ve been looking for a lighter moisturizer for the warmer months. Gel creams haven’t quite been cutting it lately, but I have found a holy grail moisturizer in this Pangea Organics Facial Cream. It has Nigerian ginger, lavender, & thyme in it – how delicious does that sound? Upon applying, it has the most beautiful spa-like scent and most importantly – it moisturizes without being heavy.  It reminds me so much of my beloved Indie Lee Daily Skin Nutrition which is still one of my favorite moisturizers, but has been a little thick for the hot and humid weather. This Pangea Organics Facial Cream really ticks all my boxes for what I was looking for and at $36 per tube, I think this is an incredible price for an incredible moisturizer. 

Ilia Sheer Tinted Moisturizer – I actually didn’t have a tinted moisturizer in my collection before this one, and I thought what better brand to fulfill that need for me? I have the shade T4 Ramla Bay. As a tinted moisturizer it doesn’t have a lot of coverage, but that’s what I want for day to day for work. This product is quite dewy, and so I do set it with one of my other favorite products from Ilia – their Soft Focus Finishing Powder. Together, these two give a lovely satin finish on the skin. Plus it has SPF 20 and these days I’m interested in protecting my skin in any way I can. 

Ilia Natural Brightening Eye Primer – I really have been looking to Ilia as a leader in clean makeup, so my obsession with this brand doesn’t just stop at face products. I also love them for the eyes as well. I’ve been using their eye primer for a while now and can say that it’s one of the best eye primers I’ve used. My shadows actually stay on my oily eyelids with this primer.  It does have a considerable cooling effect upon application but dissipates fast and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects. I’m impressed that Ilia came out with an eye primer since that’s not an obvious makeup product, so it just shows how comprehensive this brand is! 

Jane Iredale PureLash Extender & Conditioner and Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara – I have the sorriest lashes. It’s true. Plus the shape of my eyelids literally push my eyelashes down all day. This little duo makes my itty bitty lashes actually visible and I can only imagine how amazing they would do for normal lashes. I apply the Jane Iredale lash conditioner first, wait for a minute (usually I’ll do my blush and highlight during this time) and then apply the mascara. The limitless lash is really my favorite mascara ever. The brush is fairly spiky so it coats every lash and the formula is never clumpy, always perfect. 

Pretty in Pink lip kit – I talked about this kit in one of my instagram posts back in April so I’ll just let the caption from that post do the talking 😉 – Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen it all when it comes to lip products, and then other times I discover some truly wonderful things. These two products are truly wonderful. The French Girl rose lip polish is unique in that the exfoliating sugar is suspended in a moisturizing oil that nourishes your lips even after you wash the sugar off. Follow it up with the Kari Gran Lip Whip which is so luxurious and has such a unique whipped texture. I’m obsessed with these products, use them daily, and the $25 price for both is a steal. 

If you’ve been following me, it’s no surprise that I love Indie Lee products. I actually have a whole blog post on Indie Lee (linked here). I’ve loved her Brightening Cleanser, CoQ-10 toner, and Squalane Oil for a long time. There’s a selection of Indie Lee products on Follain’s website and in my opinion, her things are crowd pleasers which work for a wide variety of skin types. 

I always end up writing long blog posts for skincare and beauty! It truly is a passion of mine and Follain is such a great place to explore new brands and products. Thank you so much for reading, and please feel free to reach out here or on instagram if you have any questions! x


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