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It’s so exciting to fall in love with a skincare brand. I have known of Caudalie for years, and even sampled some of their products from a Sephora birthday gift a few years back but hadn’t used anything long term from them. When I had the opportunity to try several of their best loved products via Octoly and a generous PR package, I immediately knew I had found a new staple skincare brand that I would be loyal to forever. I love that they are a natural, clean brand and their Parisian aesthetic speaks deeply to my soul. Keep reading for my review on my favorite Caudalie products!

I think the main strength of Caudalie for me are their serums. I have used three of them extensively the past few months and I have to say they are very impressive.

The Vinopure serum is one that helps with diminishing pores and blemishes. It controls oil in your skin. My skin has been more hormonal lately and I’ve found that using this serum does keep it under control nicely. I love the texture of it and it pairs really nicely with the other serums as well.

The Vinoperfect serum has grape vine sap that is purportedly 62 times more effective at brightening the skin than vitamin C. I LOVE this serum. After I had been using it maybe two weeks I was thinking “ooh my skin is looking pretty bright these days, I wonder what it is” and then realizing it was this serum! Again, the texture is amazing – it glides so well over the skin.

The Vinosource serum is Caudalie’s hydrating serum and I find it excellent for that purpose. It’s a milky consistency that my skin just drinks right up and I find my skin glowy and plump after use. 

I will use all three of these serums together in my nighttime skincare routine, then usually layer Caudalie’s Vinosource SOS Intense Hydration Moisturizer over the top. I am SO obsessed with this moisturizer. It is thick, lush, and beautiful on the skin but isn’t heavy and actually sinks into the skin as opposed to just sitting as a layer on top. I have found that even in the drier winter months I haven’t been needing a facial oil most days when I use this moisturizer. Definitely a standout product for me.

I use other things from Caudalie that I really enjoy, like the exfoliating cleanser, foaming face cleanser and Premier Cru eye cream, just not on a daily basis. However, I have been using the three serums and Vinosource SOS Moisturizer literally every single day since November and I just do not want to use anything else on my skin! 

I would love to hear about any favorite Caudalie products that you have tried! Thank you so much for reading! X




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