My Microblading experience with Huemon Beauty


I think brows have the most impact on any face and makeup look. Before microblading, I would spend the most time on my brows during my makeup routine and wouldn’t leave the house without at least filling them in. However, as my knowledge of “brow theory” has grown, I realized that no matter how many brow products I used, or tricks I had up my sleeve, my brows were still very faint and tricky to shape into that thicker model-esque style that I was striving for. That’s why I decided to go for microblading with Huemon Beauty!

Microblading is essentially a tattoo process that doesn’t go as deep as a regular tattoo and uses pigments instead of ink. Pigments are better for semi-permanent makeup such as microblading because they are less prone to color change in the skin over time. I knew I wanted a technique called combination brows which is shading + microblading. The shading is what would give me that fuller look.

There is a bit of planning that goes into scheduling your microblading. Since it takes about 4-6 weeks to heal after the initial appointment, and again after the touch up, be mindful of your vacations and events when selecting your session date. Deyonne was communicative in the best practices before the first appointment. Notably, no caffeine or alcohol 24-48 hours before the appointment, as those things can thin your blood and push out the pigment during the process.

Ok so getting on to my experience!

I was really impressed with the techniques that Deyonne used to map out my brows. I had shown her an inspiration photo, and she used that along with my natural brow shape to map out a thicker brow. She used string and other tools to ensure symmetry. Mapping out took around 40 minutes.

After mapping came the shading aspect of my combination brows. Deyonne explained that it was better to wait to do numbing cream until after the outline was completed with shading because skin can swell with numbing cream which affects the shape. Shading is accomplished using a tool that penetrates the pigment under the skin. This was the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing. It was probably a 4/10 on the pain scale and felt mostly like intense scratching. Again, everyone is different! The initial shading took around 20 minutes.

After the initial shading was complete, Deyonne numbed me up good and started the second round of shading. It was a lot more comfortable this time around and I could barely feel anything with the numbing cream.

Finally, Deyonne used a stronger anesthetic and let it sit on the skin for about 20 minutes before starting microblading. Again, because of the numbing cream, I barely felt the blading. She showed me the progress of the strokes to make sure I was happy with them (which I was!) After blading, there was some touch up shading which again, I didn’t feel as much.

All done!

In total, the initial session took 3.5 hours. Deyonne provided a cute little aftercare kit and detailed instructions. I had to wipe my brows with water for the first night every hour or two to minimize the accumulation of lymph. My brows were definitely a little sore after the session so I took Advil to manage that. They also looked super dark, but I expected that from my research – they will fade up to 30% over the course of healing.

Here’s a little “timeline” of the week after and my thoughts on the days after my session:

Day 1 post blading – brows were a little sore and very dark. I washed them with soap that Deyonne provided. Even though this was the first day after blading, I had to remind myself that the darkness and soreness was temporary and they would look amazing once healed.

Day 2 post blading – brows felt better and I could tell that they were raised just slightly where the shading was done – which I took to mean that it was starting to scab. Deyonne asked for a photo of my brows and she said they look just like they were supposed to!

Day 3 post blading – I could see where the raised areas are starting to separate and scab. That made me happy because it meant things are healing and progressing along. Already I could see the light and couldn’t wait to see how they continued to heal up over the next few days.

Day 4 – Day 6 post blading – Brows were continuing to scab and it was really hard to not mess with them. But I tried my absolute best to leave them alone because picking at them will cause the pigment to come out. Scabs were falling off and I could see the pigment left underneath! I was sure to use the visors that Deyonne provided when I was showering to protect my brows.

Day 7 post blading – today! Most of the scabs have fallen off and I’m already loving how they look! Some areas of pigment are fainter than others. Deyonne said that could happen, and that as more layers of skin overturn, the pigment would likely get darker. However, that’s also why every initial session comes with a touch up session 4-6 weeks after – the touch up session gets the brows to 100%

Very happy with my brows on day 7!

Would I recommend this service? Absolutely. Even over last weekend and this week I didn’t have to wear makeup out and I felt very confident because of my perfectly shaped brows, no matter how dark they were. Just keep in mind that it’s a process and takes time to see the final result. However, once they are touched up and healed, the results will last anywhere from 1-3 years. Deyonne is an expert in her craft and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to touch my brows from now on.

Feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any questions! If you decide that microblading or combination brows is something you want to pursue, please mention me to Deyonne for 10% off your semi-permanent makeup experience!

Disclaimer: This post was made in collaboration with Huemon Beauty in exchange for my honest review. All descriptions of this experience are authentic and originated by me, Cheryl.

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