About me

Welcome! I’m Cheryl, and I’m based in Washington, DC. I’m married to the love of my life, Juan, a software engineer who supports me in all aspects of life, especially this blog. By professional training, I am a biomedical engineer. I finished my PhD in 2017, and I currently am working as an engineer at a biotech company.

My whole life, I have loved style and beauty. I remember saving magazine clippings of looks I liked as a little girl, and of course later on, I found amazing bloggers for beauty and style inspiration. I think back to the climate of the blogging community 10 years ago, when you would blog because you simply wanted to share your thoughts on your favorite beauty items, or just fancied showing your latest sale finds. What captivated me was the personality behind that work, to feel like I was chatting with a friend, sharing passions for style and beauty amidst the hustle of careers and everyday life. That is the aim for this blog.

I love classic pieces. I love neutrals. I love creating visual depth with textures and beautiful little details. From affordable gems to those hard-earned luxury items, the key is how it all comes together to create a lovely visual and visceral moment. This is what I strive to embody in the content I create for you. I’m honored to have you on this journey with me, and hope that you find inspiration each time you visit!

xo, Cheryl

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